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Sex Related Alcohol Expectancies: mediating rape and alcohol consumption

31 May

Across European countries there are notable differences in the behaviours of individuals who consume equal amounts of alcohol.[i] Culture plays a role in how we behave when we consume alcohol. Studies have shown that how an individual responds to alcohol depends on what effects they expect to experience.[ii],[iii] These are called ‘Alcohol expectancies’. Individuals will consume alcohol in order to experience what they believe are the desirable effects of alcohol as understood within their culture.[iv] Continue reading


Alcohol consumption and the relationship between Perpetrator and Victim in Irish rape cases

4 May

Alcohol consumption by both perpetrators and victims of rape is very high in Ireland; yet, our understanding of the ways in which alcohol consumption intersects with various factors in rape cases remains poor. International studies indicate that alcohol consumption patterns in rape cases differ by relationship between perpetrator and victim.1 Continue reading