Fact Sheets

Calling Time on Sexual Violence and Alcohol: The Facts

Introduction to the Fact Sheet Series

By Fiona Neary, Executive Director, RCNI

Findings from the 2009 Rape and Justice in Ireland report (RAJI) indicate that alcohol involvement in rape in Ireland is among the highest in the world. Although alcohol does not cause sexual violence it may be used to excuse violent behaviour, to blame victims, and to incapacitate victims.

There is a need for a greater understanding among the public, policy, and service sectors about the link between alcohol and sexual violence. RCNI believe a better understanding of this link, and effective ways to address it, can prevent sexual violence.

In order to address this need, we have prepared this series of shortened fact sheets and briefing documents based on evidence based findings which highlight the extent of the problem in Ireland. We are hoping that policy makers, community leaders, youth workers, voluntary organisations and many other groups will help us to distribute these fact sheets to a much wider audience.

I would like to acknowledge Stacey Scriver for her contribution to this series. Stacey is a research associate in the Global Women’s Studies Programme at NUI Galway and was co-author on the 2009 research report Rape and Justice in Ireland. Dr. Scriver was commissioned by RCNI to prepare these fact sheets and briefing documents using evidence based findings; the recommendations and opinions contained in the documents represent the views of RCNI.

RCNI would also like to thank our funding body for supporting this project. The regular distribution of these fact sheets will help to target alcohol use as part of the response in reducing rates of sexual violence in Ireland.

Images in this publication are for illustrative purposes only, any person depicted in the image is a model.

To download the Fact Sheets click on the following link.

Overview of Alcohol and Sexual Violence

Relationships: Alcohol and Sexual Violence

Expectancies: Inhibitions and Alcohol

Victim Blaming: Alcohol and Sexual Violence

Youth: Alcohol Related Sexual Violence

Date-rape: Alcohol and Sexual Violence

Report on Alcohol Consumption and Sexual Violence Panel at ICSoR

Growing a Body of Evidence

Sexual Violence, Alcohol Consumption and Women’s Human Rights



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