Growing A Body of Evidence

Growing A Body of Evidence


RCNI Press Release

RCNI calls for more effective data collection on sexual violence perpetrators’ alcohol consumption and attitudes

Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) has called on service providers dealing with perpetrators of sexual violence to improve data collection on alcohol and sexual violence.  

At present, data on alcohol consumption and sexual violence is recorded by the Gardaí and Sexual Assault Treatment Units (SATUs). RCNI have called on the probation services, prison and non-statutory services, and those with access to perpetrators to conduct additional research into perpetrators and their consumption habits and attitudes to alcohol.

RCNI Executive Director, Fiona Neary, commented: ‘Service providers have an important role to play in recording data that can be used to monitor and evaluate sexual violence in Ireland. Adequate and appropriate data collection allows service providers to monitor trends in relation to alcohol consumption in incidents of sexual violence and thus to tailor programmes and evaluate the services’ effectiveness’.

‘We need to make sure to collect all accurate and comparable data available to us, and we must focus on accessing information on perpetrators and not just survivors’.

Alcohol consumption has been shown to be a significant contributory factor in incidents of rape and sexual violence in Ireland, with 76% of rape defendants participating in the 2009 Rape and Justice in Ireland study stating that they had been drinking at the time of the alleged rape. 

RCNI states that continued and improved data collection and dissemination, and inter-agency exchange of knowledge gained through data collection, is an essential element in the effort to reduce sexual violence in Ireland.

Please visit the RCNI blog to see the full series of fact sheets and blogs released by RCNI which focus on alcohol and sexual violence. To access the blog and fact sheet log on to


For more information contact Eileen Keleghan on 086 0603646


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